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:: Spotlight :: Rosemount Australian Fashion Week - Marajoara

By: Carmine Pascuzzi; photos by Matt Deller

It was the final show for the 2006 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and it was to be the most controversial. Sydney designers Leesa Fogarty and Hamish Stewart form Marajoara swimwear and their approach for staging their fashion parade at the St.Kilda Sea Baths was to place “everyday girls” as models to emphasise the fact that women of all shapes and sizes can wear their one-piece and two-piece bikinis. Leesa and Hamish had staged an open casting just three days prior to the parade and assembled girls in a size range of 8-12.

It caused much discussion - some saying it diminished the quality of the fashion week focus, while others applauded the designers for being brave enough to living in the real world. Organisers had declared that they wished to augment the designers' call with some of their own models, in an effort to make it look more professional.

As it was, the parade went ahead with a show of smiling models and much colour and dare in the designs. MaraJoara is gearing up for a huge summer both internationally and locally. The company has launched its online store and a wholesale store in Ipanema. It seems that MaraJoara is destined for big things.

You can make up your own mind!

designers Hamish Stewart & Leesa Fogarty