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:: Spotlight :: Launch of Secret Weapons at Deck 10

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Sometimes you don‘t have to invite large numbers of so-called celebrities and fashionistas to ensure a fair share of good-looking people. The launch of 'Secret Weapons’, an accessories range from well-known Melbourne models Danielle Atkin and Sarita Stella, had a comfortable, well-selected crowd at Deck 10 at the Adelphi Hotel. It was a great looking mix of guests who enjoyed the red carpet treatment prior to being pampered at the make-up station and studied by a tarot card reader, while delighting themselves with cocktails, cupcakes, and a chocolate fountain.

It was an event for the young ladies and there were plenty of them, in the form of television people, fashion PR, marketing types, and models. Apart from the gorgeous looking hosts, Danielle and Sarita, others to shine were Missy Crawford, Eliza Taylor-Cotter, Kasia Z, sisters Maraika & Camille van Wessem, Julia Gaylard, Melanie Snell, Rosanna Faraci, Loren Arthur, Rebecca Lavindi, Sarah Findlay, L.Maree designers Louise & Carla, and Slinkee Minx group members Belinda and Annemarie.

The male guests were dominated by members of the Collingwood Football Club and Geelong Football Club. Collingwood's Brodie Holland was naturally in attendance as the boyfriend of Sarita, and he received good support from teammates Josh Fraser, Ben Johnson, Heath Shaw, Dale Thomas, and Alan Didak. Meanwhile Geelong's Steven King, boyfriend of Danielle, was backed up by Brenton Sanderson and James Bartel.

Secret Weapons is a range of accessories designed to make those seemingly impossible fashion choices a reality, and give girls an unfair advantage in the looks department. There are eight saving graces in the Secret Weapons range, all of which enhance your womanly assets and guarantee that looking chic is simple and pain free.
For those that need some help in the boob department, they have created Bosom Buddies, Chicken Fillets, and the bra you wear when you’d rather go without, the ultralight, backless and strapless Nudi Bra. There are also the extra tough Invisistrap Bra Straps, and the Stick It Rescue Tape, which stops you from revealing more than you

From head to toe, these little ‘secrets’ protect against unwanted fashion disasters. For the feet, Twinkle Toes Cushions, Twinkle Toes Heel Guards and Twinkle Toes Slingback Strips offer the perfect solution to that burning sensation in the balls and heels of your feet, while also preventing slipping and blisters. Stick them on and off you strut!

The Secret Weapons range is available from over 60 leading independent retailers nationally, and can also be purchased online

Prices range between $8.95 for the Invisistrap Clear Bra Straps, through to $34.95 for the Chicken Fillets.

Here are some pictures - more to come soon.

Brodie Holland & Sarita Stella Danielle Atkin gets freshened up
Kasia Z & Missy Crawford Collingwood footballers Dale Thomas, Ben Johnson, Heath Shaw & Josh Fraser
L.Maree designers Louise & Carla Rebecca Lavindi (right) with Slinkee Minx singers Belinda and Annemarie
Tarot card reader Maraika van Wessem gets freshened up
Rosanna Faraci & friend
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