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:: Spotlight :: Somerfield Swim

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

We introduce you to a gorgeous swim collection. Somerfield Swim, designed by former model, Renee Somerfield of Australia. Much like a message in a bottle, Renee has always had an infinite love with the sun, the sand and the sea. With hundreds of bikinis on rotation in her wardrobe and a successful modelling career largely built around swimwear, the next wave in her growing business comes in the form of her very own range.

Diving straight into the deep end, Renee spent over a year, travelling the globe, choosing the highest quality fabrics, most striking colours and prints, and designing the perfect fit for each and every one of her pieces. Hands on for the entire process, Renee can proudly assure you that every bikini is the perfect bikini.

The collection is one that has been made to flatter the wearer with flawless cuts and seamless shapes, striking patterns and sweet hues. Each piece is designed to breathe with the skin, accentuate the female body and highlight every curve. They each have something different, something for every taste, and a little something you've never seen before.

Made with good vibes and much love, welcome to the world of Somerfield Swim.

All styles are available for purchase here