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:: Spotlight :: Sportsgirl's Flagship Bourke Street store takes lift-off

By: Louise Preece

SPORTSGIRL are rocketing their iconic brand into an exciting future space with the opening of a brand new “super flagship” store in the Bourke Street mall in Melbourne. Although the traditional blue, green, red, white and yellow colours still play a large role, Sportsgirl have taken retail to a new level.

The store has certainly evolved from when it first opened its doors in 1948 and now features make-up artists and in-store stylists who will be able to make over any wavering customer into a fashion masterpiece. You can even get a massage and Sportsgirl are hoping this will reflect an ever-changing consumer demand by creating a more personal and interactive shopping experience. Sportsgirl are in no doubt that this will generate a new “retail revolution.”

The recent official VIP launch of the store went off with a big bang, entertaining more than 200 guests, including Pia Miranda, Michelle Leslie, Paul Mac, Grant Smillie and Jacinta Stapleton, who sipped on cocktails and checked out the latest in Sportsgirl fashion. The event collaborated music, food, drinks and fashion. While models hung from the roof and DJ’s busily pumped out tunes, guests smiled while getting their Polaroids snapped or their lipstick re-applied.

Many points differentiated the fresh new store from Sportsgirl outlets of the past, including a missing window display, which is an interesting choice because window displays have played large part in the brand’s history. Instead customers step onto The Stage, which will be used for numerous functions including DJ appearances or artist displays. Other items to note are The Treasure Chest with its countless jewels and scarves, The Shoe Cupboard home to Sportsgirl’s miscellaneous shoe collection and Off the Rails with clothes hot off the press.

Sportsgirl aim to open a similar store in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall if this store proves successful and if the recent launch was anything to go by, then Sydney shoppers should keep their eyes peeled for the next Sportsgirl instalment.

Here are pictures from the event.

Paul Mac
singer Jade Macrae (left) and friend
Pia Miranda & Jacinta Stapleton
model Michelle Leslie (left) and friend