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:: Spotlight :: Huge news for young Queensland designer Terra Christa

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Kasia Gogolkiewicz models the Terra Christa bikini in the 66 million reader Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

The impossible dream has become a reality for young Gold Coast designer Terra Christa with two bikinis from her debut range featured in the 66 million reader Sports Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit Edition.

US-based emerging star Kasia Gogolkiewicz models one Terra Christa design (see above) in the readers vote section and super model Anna V models a second in the general section of the iconic magazine.

“Sports Illustrated receives over 25,000 entries each year many from famous designers,” said a delighted Terra Christa. “I never imagined I’d make it into the swimsuit edition in my first year, let alone twice in the one issue.”

Hawaiian-born Terra was working as a swimsuit model in Los Angeles which inspired her to launch her own range in Australia and the US this year. Her Orange Ruffle bikini is featured on the Sports Illustrated website along with swimsuits by Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier and Ralph Lauren.

Terra said, “Australian beaches and coastal lifestyle are aspirational in the US right now. Being seen as Australian is a plus in US beach culture which is why we launched in both counties at once.”

Terra Christa’s debut range sought to reverse the trend towards men wearing splashy coloured ‘boardies’ while women wore single colours and bland designs. She added, "Today’s young woman wants to feel individual, sporty and feminine all at once. If I’ve achieved that combination I have Australian beach culture to thank for alerting me to the next trend in swimwear design.”

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Terra Christa and business partner Todd Leigh at the Australian launch of their 2011 swimwear range

A selection of Terra Christa designs