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:: Spotlight :: Toni Maticevski - Spring Summer 2011/2012

By: Leena Thompson

Toni Maticevski was by far the biggest stand out at RAFW 2011 with his amazing work and gorgeously stunning gowns. Working with devoted private clients both at home and abroad, the past few years has been a re-learning of his ready to wear and how women really want to dress. This season sees references of Helmut Newton. Strong simple shapes, bold and clear statements with texture being the focus. Sand wash silks, pleated chiffon, supple silk wool blends and diffused Monet style prints wrap this collection in surprising contrasts that compliment each other. Lightweight military style wools, plastic sequin details, feathers and star fish style crushed diamantes, add an element of glamour.

The direction and intention now is to build on the woman’s core wardrobe style. Pieces which have a timeless, ageless and fad-less feeling. Items you can pull out in the next ten or twenty years that become the “quiet luxury” that every woman deserves. On the other side of this are those moments when everyone deserves to dream and live in fantasy and beauty.Each gown and garment paraded had the wow factor and not to mention the shoes that complimented each gown and garment.

And here Toni shows us some exceptional displays of his articulate craftsmanship and embellishment. And the art of his fashioning. Creating intricate lace works out of silk rouleaux and ornamental flower motifs that have a wondrous three dimensionality to them. Burning the edges of lazer cut flowers to enhance a vintage quality. Feathers strewn in varying arrays, resplendent of the beautiful creatures they have come from. Nature playing a large part of the dream landscape, both on land and underwater. Sea anenomies like protrusions in vibrant coral colours, all pared back to soft sepia pink based tones. These pieces are purely fantasy and experimental. Always a little dramatic and emotive.

These designs were by far the stand out of the week during RAFW each piece made a statement and a compliment to both Toni and the lucky ladies who adore wearing the designs with such confident. I am happy to have viewed this amazing collection. To view the stunning and amazing designs please check here