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:: Spotlight :: The Trashy Lingerie phenomenon

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

In 1974, Mitch Shrier, a women’s shoe salesman, had a hot little sling-back called the “Trashy.” The shoe begged to be worn with stockings, but the drab black, white and nude stockings available at the time left his customers wanting more. Mitch began to dye stockings and garters for his customers, adding colour to the lingerie world for the first time. Bras and panties soon followed, hence the birth of Trashy Lingerie.

Trashy Lingerie has undressed Hollywood for over 30 years with unique designs and unparalleled distinction. With a veritable who’s who in the entertainment industry wearing Trashy designs on and off the screen, Trashy Lingerie was one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. Then, in 1998, Trashy Lingerie went global with the launch of its website opening its doors to the world. Women everywhere are now privy to the same intimate designs worn by the likes of Madonna, Heather Locklear, Carmen Electra, and Paris Hilton to name a few.

Trashy now offers clothing collections, bikinis, shoes and accessories. The handmade, high-end Halloween costumes have even become as popular as the lovely, lacy lingerie. With over 8,000 items and more added on a daily basis, there is something for everyone.

All Trashy designs are originals and personally customisable in the store. With designers, seamstresses, fabrics and materials all located on-site, customers are only limited by their imagination. Anything can be tailored to fit her body, a service not offered elsewhere. While shopping online does not offer the same level of customisation since all items come in standard sizes, they are still made-to-order. Shopping online has other benefits such as a bargain section with items starting as low as $4. It is also free to shop online whereas the store requires a $2 annual membership fee, and you make your selections in the privacy of your own home.

Trashy’s unique merchandise has made it a phenomenon in the entertainment industry. With over 500 movies under the “garter” belt, multiple television shows, commercials, concert tours, an extensive celebrity clientele list, and hundreds of magazine features they consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to dressing “Tinsel Town.” The Trashy brand reflects a fun, sexy attitude mixed with traditional charm.


The Trashy girls sure know how to party too. They go to various nightclubs and get the VIP treatment, and they upstage the club's dancers. There are hoards of people trying to get close to the girls and many photographers itching to get some raunchy poses.

Here's a taste of a Trashy party.

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