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:: Dress to impress this Halloween

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Fancy dress will never be the same again with the introduction of a brand new range of frightening Halloween costumes from the creative minds at Morphsuits. With more and more Australians getting involved in Halloween, now is the perfect time to ‘suit-up’ and enjoy the wonders of the globally popular Morphsuits.

Dazzle your friends and prepare for some jealous looks while sporting the new Zombie, Mummy or Pumpkin Morphsuits this Halloween. The special all-in-one suits cover the whole body letting you breathe, see and even drink through them.

Morphsuits co-inventor Gregor Lawson commented on the huge popularity here in Australia, “The Aussies have taken to Morphsuits like Dracula to a damsel in distress and it comes as no surprise to us. Australians are known for their sense of humour and fun, which is exactly what Morphsuits are about.”

The new Morphsuits will guarantee you stand out from the crowd this Halloween and make sure you get noticed at the parties. They are comfortable, long lasting and breathable making them a must-have this Halloween. “Morphsuits take fancy dress up to a whole new level while creating that ‘wow-factor’ and ensuring you enter the room with a bang”, added Mr Lawson.

There are over 740,000 Morphsuits fans on Facebook, sharing pics, videos and ideas of what to do in your Morphsuits. Bungee jumps, bucks nights, charity runs and even skiing are just some of the many crazy things people have done in Morphsuits, which are the original makers of the crazy costumes.

Morphsuits are available in M, L, XL and XXL and in 60 colours and designs. There are eight Halloween costumes in total, including two ‘Witch’ costumes for the ladies (or perhaps the more adventurous guys). The suits, along with a variety of accessories, like wigs, glasses, sweatbands and shoe covers, are available for purchase here
Prices range from $75 to $85.

Also keep an eye out for the new range of Morphsuits for kids coming up in October as well as some special suits for the girls.

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