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:: Aladdin

The 1992 animated Disney feature comes up trumps in the DVD presentation format with high-tech artwork and graphics. The characters are strong with Robin Williams’s funny vocal performance as Aladdin’s genie being a real highlight.

The love story between Aladdin (voice of Scott Weinger) and girlfriend Jasmine (Linda Larkin) is almost secondary to Williams’s improvided efforts in giving great energy and entertainment.

There is a vast amount of extra content not seen at the cinematic release and young ones will have a ball with all the extras. Watch for the two-hour documentary “A Diamond In The Rough” which gives a good perspective into the making of the film. There is something for everyone to enjoy, however, and the games and trailers are well recommended.

This deluxe edition has been well worth the wait.

DVD Extras

 Commentary by the filmmakers and animators
 Restored and enhanced digital transfer with an all-new 5.1 Disney enhanced home theatre mix
 New documentary – “A Diamond In The Rough: The Making Of Aladdin”
 Clay Aiken performs “Proud Of Your Boy” – all-new recording and new video
 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey perform “A Whole New World” in a new video
 Deleted scenes and songs
 Disney’s virtual DVD ride: Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Adventure
 The Art of Aladdin
 3 Wishes game
 Inside the Genie’s Lamp – never-before-seen 3-D Tour
 Pop-up fun facts and trivia