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:: Alice In Wonderland 2005

Another gorgeous Disney release comes to life on DVD. Disney's animators bring the classic Alice In Wonderland to DVD fruition with magical brilliance. Join Alice as she falls into the wild world of Wonderland and finds out how very whimsical her world would be if her daydreams came true. She encounters all sorts of nonsense. Alice also meets extraordinary characters such as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and the frantically late White Rabbit.

Filled with fantasy and fun, ALICE IN WONDERLAND is littered with spectacular songs and terrific animation in the usual Disney tradition.

The exciting Masterpiece Edition DVD features the newly-discovered Cheshire Cat song, “I’m Odd” - recently uncovered in the Disney vault. It’s a whimsical and fun tune that Walt Disney’s team created but didn’t include in the movie. This marks the first time it has ever been released.

Hosted by the Mad Hatter, the one-of-a-kind Virtual Wonderland Party is a cutting-edge bonus feature that allows viewers to play games and interact with animated characters from the film and live-action kids, to create a virtual party of their own. Activities in the Virtual Wonderland Party include “The Mad Hatter Says” game, “Conduct the Teapot Orchestra,” a chance to blow out candles of an “Un-Birthday Cake” - and allows viewers the chance to sing and dance to “Silly Songs” and solve “Mad Riddles.”

The bonus-filled DVD also allows viewers to sing along to memorable songs “The Un-birthday Song” and “All in the Golden Afternoon” while the words and memorable musical scenes from the film appear on screen. Kids of all ages will enjoy “Adventures In Wonderland” an all-new set-top game themed to the movie, where viewers match wits with the Cheshire Cat to help Alice find her way home!

DVD Extras

Featurette: Operation Wonderland
Featurette: Thru The Mirror Animated Short Gallery
Game: Adventures In Wonderland
Karaoke: All In The Golden Afternoon