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:: All About E

Beautiful sexy E seems to have it all. She cuts a swathe through hordes of adoring fans at the Sydney gay night club where she is headline DJ and takes home a different girl every night. Her Spanish theme nights are a huge success as she dazzles in her Matador outfit, designed by her gay best friend and manager, Matt. But looks can be deceiving. E is not Spanish – she’s actually Elmira and not out to her traditional Lebanese parents, who harass her about finding a suitable husband. E passes off her beloved, Trish, as the lodger. When E betrays her dream of becoming a professional musician by making a deal with nightclub owner Johnny Rock, it is the final straw. Trish leaves, and broken hearted, E marries Matt to give herself a cover and him a visa.

When E and Matt stumble on a bag of cash, and decide to take it to start their own club, they set up a showdown with Johnny. With no where else to run, she heads into the outback to the one person who may just help her out, and although Trish has plenty of misgivings, she lets them stay. With Johnny hot on her trail, E has decisions to make - who is she and does she have the courage to fight for what she really wants? Can she keep the money, conquer her demons, AND get the girl?

Written and directed by Louise Wadley, the straight-forward plot builds to an uncharacteristic climax more suited to a thriller, but which ultimately offers a predictable yet satisfying conclusion. All About E is one of those hidden Australian gems that showcases both our on-screen and off-screen talent. It tackles themes of identity and ambitions and deserves a far wider release that it has had so far.

Featuring laughs, suspense, a deliriously good sex scene, and a rousing finale, ‘'All About E’' is a crowd pleasing Australian film that deserves a viewing.

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