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:: American Pie Presents - The Naked Mile

Just in time for the holiday season comes another instalment of American Pie. This time it’s The Naked Mile. It stars Steve Talley, Candace Croslak and John White and sees students celebrate the end of exams by running through the college campus in nothing but their birthday suit. It’s a haven of hot naked girls who are primed for action.

The film focuses on Eric Stifler (Steve Talley), the cousin of Matt (from American Pie: Band Camp) and Steve (Sean William Scott in the first three films); a young guy who succumbs to peer pressure and being coaxed into hosting the “Naked Mile”.

This is not as smart and as punchy as the original film, and has resulted in virtually going direct to DVD/Video.

Other stars include Eugene Levy, Jessy Schram, Angel Lewis, Melanie Merkosky, Alyssa Nicole Pallett

DVD Extras

•Director Richard Donner and creative consultant Tom Mankiewicz provide an insightful commentary
•Introduction by Richard Donner
•Featurette on how the restored version came about and the option to view the “new” scenes.