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:: An Inconvenient Truth

It's amazing how a lecture becomes such compelling viewing. An Inconvenient Truth is little more than a series of graphs and charts, with former US vice-president Al Gore on stage talking about the subject that has driven him for the past thirty years: global warming. The documentary works well due to Gore's passion and thorough research; the skill of director Davis Guggenheim, who puts a human slant on Gore's scientific data; and the timeliness of the subject matter.

Over ninety minutes, Gore explains the impact humans have had on the Earth and the havoc they have wrought, with a sometimes shocking array of facts and figures and a great deal of warmth and humour. Into this, Guggenheim weaves stories from Gore's life: the near-death of his son; his near-win of the 2000 presidency; the death of his sister - the catalysts for his cause.

The DVD comes with a few extras: one is an extended interview with Gore, in which he details all the horrific new evidence that has surfaced since An Inconvenient Truth was completed more than a year ago: more bushfires, and a record number of cyclones. The prospect of a commentary on a “slide show” (as Gore refers to it), doesn't seem so enticing - and there are two here - but Guggenheim's is interesting and insightful.

It's an insightful, and downright terrifying lecture, delivered with conviction, passion and a geeky charm that – if the rumours are true - may yet see Gore running for office again in the future.

DVD Extras

Environmentally Friendly Packaging
An Update with Former Vice President Al Gore
The Making of An Inconvenient Truth
“I Need to Wake Up” Music Video by Melissa Etheridge
Commentary with Director Davis Guggenheim
Commentary with Producers Laurie David, Laurence Bender, Scott Z Burns, Lesley Chilcott