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:: B-Girl

B-Girl is nothing new in the dance movie syndrome - along the lines of ‘Fame’ and the ‘Step-Up’ series. The movie certainly please if you're looking for some great moves and will satisfy strongly. But as a movie proper, it doesn't really excite.

The story is about a struggling girl dancer (Jules Urich). She is injured one night during a robbery that takes place outside of a club where she was in a dance contest. The crime takes the life of her best friend, and leaves her with a hell of an injury. Obviously, this results in a loss of enthusiasm and a bad injury. To try and rediscover the passion for dance, she joins an outfit that reignites her drive to be the best B-Girl she can.

The movie is written and directed by Emily Dell who previously made this a short film from 2004 with Urich starring. B-Girl feels stretched out and far too long as a feature film. It was made very cheaply and lacks the production skills. The actors are better dancers and the story doesn't really grab you.

Thankfully Jules Urich is one of the world‘s best female breakdancers, and she is joined by people like Jonathan 'Legacy’ Perez, Ivan ‘Flipz’ Velez, and Wesley Jonathan. The saving grace here is that we get to see authentic B-Boys and B-Girls do their thing.

The DVD has a low-tech grainy feel, and the sound thumps along well, but visually, it isn't as clear due to the lack of lighting used to film scenes. This isn't as good a dance movie as Step It Up, which is a great yardstick. It certainly is not a strong story, or anything other than an excuse to get these people together to do something they do well.

DVD Extras

Lady Jules - Behind the B-Girl
Wesley Jonathon - Carlos
B-Boy profiles - Flipz, Steelo, Remedy
The Battle
Dance Auditions