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:: The Adventures Of Barry McKenzie (2 Disc Chunderama Edition)

This is one of the rare Australian films of all time because it put Australian cinema out there on the english-speaking stage against the diet of British and American films served up. Australians were looking for something to laugh about. That newfound self-belief in ourselves made it funny, irreverent and brim with energy and ideas.

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie engaged us and made us feel proud to be who we are. Even if Barry and Aunt Edna made us cringe at times, we knew — and liked — someone like them. Not only did it open the door for many comedies about ourselves, it told the rest of the world we can tell stories and tell them as good as anyone else. Viewers owe it to themselves to check out this splendid, freshly minted DVD upgrade.

Created by Barry Humphries and directed by Bruce Beresford, the film is mostly a comic ramble in which larrikin caricature Barry McKenzie (Barry Crocker) and his Aunt Edna Everage (Barry Humphries) tear through various levels of British society. Together they embark on a Fosters-fuelled rampage through London. Barry's adventure takes him from the local pub to the fame of commercial television and a lusty interlude with an insatiable starlet.

Barry Humphries, Barry Crocker, Spike Milligan and Peter Cook star in this groundbreaking film and it finally comes in a two-disc package, completely uncensored and in widescreen for the first time in thirty-five years.

The terrific bonus disc features some very early short films by Humphries and Beresford. The attraction is the two-hour documentary in which Humphries, Beresford and producer Philip Adams reflect on the making of the film and its place in Australian film history.

DVD Extras

1. The Adventures of Bazza in Chunderland
(a two-hour documentary featuring exclusive interviews with cast and key players)
2. Dame Edna introduction to the fillum
3. Never-before-heard deleted scene
4. Beresford/Humphries short films and television commercials
5. Bruce Beresford's Aussie movie collection
6. Original Theatrical Trailer
7. Stills and Poster Gallery
8. PDF of fillum script