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:: Behind Enemy Lines 2

Behind Enemy Lines II - Axis Of Evil is the sequel to the 2001 hit movie. It brings another emotionally-charged adventure and is the sequel to the blockbuster, yet moderately successful, 2001 film which starred Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson.

This film could easily have been its own film. Axis of Evil is surprisingly suspenseful and somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Great credit should go to the filmmakers when it has the ability to “get you in” from the start.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance in this explosive action thriller. When a team of U.S. Navy Seals is assigned to destroy a North Korean missile site and avert a possible nuclear strike, failure is not an option. But the mission is abruptly aborted, stranding four soldiers in enemy territory. In order to survive, they must defeat the rebel forces that threaten their lives, their allies and the entire free world.

Director James Dodson has done a stunning job of making the most of what's on offer. The unrelenting edits and dull colour toning distracts you from the cheaper sets and scenes which struggled to find available background extras.

The cast do well to keep you invested in the characters, and you get the feeling that the film may have even suffered with a bigger name star, as there aren't any household names here. The final act seems somewhat of a let down, but there is enough good work on display throughout Axis of Evil to make it a worthwhile affair.

Behind Enemy Lines II – Axis of Exil available to rent from September 12.

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