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:: Bereavement

If you think you are a horror fan and haven’t seen the cult classic, “Malevolence”..then you need to ask yourself are you really a horror fan? “Malevolence” is directed by Long Island native, Stevan Mena. It is one messed up crazy movie about a mysterious killer name, Martin. This film is a prequel to “Malevolence” and serves as an explanation to why Martin turned out the way he did.

This film supersedes its predecessor and really delivers for horror fans what we have been needing…a really classic homage to the good old days when horror films were really scary. This film isn’t just scary though it is creepy, thrilling and really dark…really really dark. But what else would you expect from a film about the creation of a serial killer.

In “Bereavement”, we follow Graham Sutter played by Brett Rickaby, as he fights with his psychotic dementia and kidnaps, tortures and murders his fellow townspeople. One of his kidnapping victims, Martin (Spencer List) becomes his apprentice-like companion during his struggle with insanity. Michael Biehn plays Jonathan Miller who is a local who dealing with the arrival of his teenage niece Allison (Alexandra Daddario) after her parents died. After seeing Martin peering out the window, Allison investigates and is caught in the web of terror and torture from psychopath Graham Sutter.

What is great about this prequel is that it really fits well with its predecessor “Malevolence” and answers a lot of unanswered questions to the mystery of the masked serial killer Martin. This film is definitely not for the squeamish due to some really intense scenes. But for true horror fans this really captures the aspect of classic horror that is scary, thrilling and leaves you biting your nails.

One other notable aspect of the film is the score, which is also done by Mena. It is reminds me of the 80′s Goblin and John Carpenter scores, which was said to be Mena’s inspiration. Also in case you did not know, this film is part of a trilogy that Mena has planned. So keep an eye out for the third film in the series. Also make sure you stay after the credits to catch a really cool scene at the end, which is actually a deleted scene from “Malevolence”.

DVD Extras

- making of “Bereavement”
- trailer
- deleted scenes