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:: Blood Feast

This DVD is quite a shock feast and will definitely not meet the tastes of even the most gore-minded film lovers. It is part of the Blood trilogy of films from director Herschell Gordon Lewis. It set the scene for many others to follow in these bloody footsteps.

Fuad Ramses (Mal Arnold) is a busy man. He runs an exotic catering business. He's a mail-order book salesman. And he spends his evenings hacking up nubile young girls for the sacrifice necessary to reanimate his goddess, Ishtar. All the while, he skulks around looking like a homicidal maniac. But when Mrs. Fremont (Lyn Bolton) comes into his store, looking to hire Ramses for her daughter Suzette's party, he locks her in a hypnotic gaze. Soon she unwittingly agrees to host an Egyptian feast and Fuad steps up his collection of ingredients.

A blonde coed (Astrid Olson) gets her tongue ripped right out of her skull. The film is full of those things. Fuad dismembers a gal in a bathtub, knocks another girl's beau over the head, and then proceeds to brain her as well, literally. Trying to sort out the murders is police Detective Pete Thornton (William Kerwin aka. Thomas Wood), who also just happens to be dating Suzette Fremont (Connie Mason). Will he be smart enough to realise before Fuad adds Suzette to the list?

Lewis shot the picture in less than a week, in and around the Suez Motel in Miami, with a final budget of only $24,500. It's enormously entertaining for fans of the genre.

DVD Extras

Audio commentary by director H.G. Lewis and partner David F. Friedman. With the help of Something Weird Video's Mike Vraney, the two reminisce about the film - from conception, through production, to distribution and aftermath. It's a very candid and insightful look at the flick.

There is a 50-minute outtake reel that even the filmmakers didn't know existed.

A 20-minute short with Blood Feast star William Kerwin and Harvey Korman illustrating the proper way to slice and serve various meats.

An extensive gallery of newspaper ads, press kits, and photos.