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:: Bombon El Perro

Having worked as a mechanic, in a remote part of Patagonian, for over 30 years Juan Villegas finds himself redundant and on the wrong side of 50. Resigned to living with his daughter and her lazy husband, he tries to sustain a living making knives, but he is such a bad salesman that he is forced to travel in search of paid work.

Then, a chance encounter on a roadside sets Juan on a path he never dreamed of. He tows a young lady's car 150 kilometres back to her house and repairs it. Upon completion, she offers to pay Juan with a dog (an Argentinian Mastiff). Despite his protests, she insists the dog is of sound pedigree and will make a super companion for him. He gives in and accepts her offer.

The dog, called “Bombón LeChien”, accompanies Juan everywhere and before long is attracting a lot of attention. People stop to admire and praise him for his beauty and Juan, in turn, gets a certain amount of satisfaction from this. Thanks to the dog, Juan gains temporary employment as a security guard and when cashing his first wage cheque, the bank manager (a mastiff enthusiast) introduces Juan to Walter Donado, a champion dog trainer.

Walter convinces Juan that the dog can make him very rich if he is prepared to do some hard work. A long period of training ensues, not just for the dog, but for Juan too, and he suddenly finds himself thrown into the hectic world of dog shows and the rather delicate business of encouraging Bombón to earn money as a stud.

The method of film-making was slightly unorthodox. The entire film was shot using three cameras - a steadicam, and two handheld cameras. Each scene was taken several times simultaneously from different angles and the cameras moved with the actors, picking up on every little gesture each character makes.

Nobody in the film was a professional actor. Instead, Sorin travelled around Argentina until he found the people he thought resembled the characters he was trying to create.

Bombón El Perro is a wonderful story of hope out of despair.

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