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:: Boxing Day

One of the most powerful Australian dramas in recent years, Boxing Day is a harrowing, but ultimately rewarding, experience. It won the Inside Film’s 2007 Best Director and Best Actor awards.

Boxing Day documents the minute by minute events across the course of an afternoon in the life of Chris - a recovering alcoholic and alienated father. Living alone, Chris is preparing Christmas lunch for his teenage daughter when an old friend turns up and exposes the disturbing truth about his ex-wife's new boyfriend. The film documents the harrowing journey of a family teetering on the brink of disintegration. As the situation escalates we are drawn into the compelling story of a father who must finally decide to expose the dark and disturbing secret that threatens to tear his family apart.

The film pushes buttons of contempt and disgust but also portrays the intricacies of human frailty and loneliness with compassion and intelligence. It’s a unique film and worthy viewing for those who appreciate uncompromising drama with high production values.

DVD Extras

Disc 1:
Feature Film
Audio Commentary - with Kriv Stenders (Director/Co-Writer) & Kristian Moliere (Producer);
Easter Egg.

Disc 2:
Boxing Day - Version 2.0 - full length alternative version of the feature film;
The Day After Christmas - documentary on the making of “Boxing Day” ;
Casting Boxing Day - featurette on the casting process, including footage from the original auditions;
The Rule of Three - featurette on Kriv Stenders "Three Production Priorities;
When Syd Met Misty - featurette on set with actors, Syd Brisbane and Misty Sparrow;
Richard Green: Poetry & Spoken Word - featurette of Richard Green's on-set performances;
Easter Eggs;

There is also a 12 page Production Booklet outlining the Director's statement and production process.