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:: Boy Meets Girl

This film had been banned in the UK for 8 years. This is a unique, sometimes brutal, film where much of the film occurs in a darkened room and dominated by dialogue.

Tevin (Tim Poole) meets a woman named Anne Marie (Margot Steinberg) at a bar and they go to her apartment. Once there, Anne Marie puts on an adult video and serves Tevin a drink…which happens to be drugged. He falls unconscious. When Tevin awakens, he finds himself strapped to an old dentist's chair. From then on, Anne Marie and her masked assistant proceed to torture Tevin — both physically and mentally, as he is questioned about his life and his morals. Where will it lead? The suspense and horror aspects of the movie are gruesome.

Many people may find this disturbing but it is actually not as overwhelming as envisaged. The director Ray Brady would have had a low budget and tries to make the shock-value as entertaining as possible. It's a difficult exercise but his attitude is admirable in achieving the maximum effect possible. ’Boy Meets Girl’ sometimes feels like a documentary than a feature film, that is as frightening as it is shocking. It creates a very dark tapestry of images of abuse.

The images can be seen as slightly grainy as a result of the movie’s limited budget, but never a real distraction. There are strong contrasts - which the filmmakers use to very good effect to create the stark imagery.

’Boy Meets Girl’ is a bizarre film, but it is much more accessible than you'd expect. It is frightening and certainly a thought-provoking film for aficionados horror films, in the sense of how Brady challenged the British film censors.

DVD Extras

- Commentary by director Ray Brady
- Rehearsal Comparisons
- Photo Gallery
- Trailers
- You can also view the script by opening a pdf file

The DVD contains a noteworthy commentary by director Ray Brady, who also co-wrote and co-produced the film. The track is full of insights and interesting information about the production and other aspects of the film, including its purposes and intents.

Other extras are picture-in-picture comparisons of rehearsals to the final film for four different scenes, a still gallery, which contains around 40 images (many on-set photos and a few behind-the-scenes shots).