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:: Brothers (Brodre)

In what can only be described as a masterpiece of cinematography and storytelling genius, 2004 film ‘Brothers’ tests the boundaries between reality and fiction, to produce one of the most raw and brutal representations of the psychological effects of war in a family home.

Focusing on the relationship between two brothers, Director Susanne Bier takes a plunge and comes up with an amazing cast, amazing script and pushes all reservations aside, showing no fear when it comes to displaying the torment of a human soul.

Two brothers alike only in blood, must face their demons becoming people they never thought they could be. Michael (Ulrich Thomsen) and Jannik (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) have long been close but always at odds.

Sent to fight in Afghanistan, a series of events will spin not only Michael’s world, but that of his brother and wife. Presumed dead, Michael’s wife finds comfort and solace in her brother-in-law, Jannik. Emotions grow and dark secrets are formed.

Michael comes home only to find the trauma of being held captive, haunts him long after returning to the normalities of life. The balance between sanity and insanity are stretched as jealousy and denial rears its ugly head in all directions. Each character must come face-to-face with their secrets in order to move on. But when these secrets could spell disaster for all involved, who will be the first to risk it all?

A beautiful film of twists and turns, many you don’t expect. The simplicity of the script, yet the impeccable acting and the blunt and imposing texture of the filming, together create an atmosphere of unshakeable emotion.

A fantastic, gut-wrenching film.