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:: Cafe De Flore

If you don’t like films that will make you think or are likely going to frustrate you then Café De Flore certainly isn’t the film for you. This is a film that will make you think so hard that it is likely that it will actually hurt your brain.

Café De Flore is actually told in two parts. In modern times we see famous DJ Antoine Godin (Kevin Parent) and the trouble that has been caused to his family after he left his first wife, Carole (Helene Florent) for a woman he met at a whim and unexpectedly felt that he needed to be with, Rose (Evelyne Brochu).

The second half of the story is set in 1969 and finds a young, single mother, Jacqueline (Vanessa Paradis) who refuses to give up her disabled son, Laurent (Marin Gerrier). If you want to see how the two stories are linked you’ll have to watch the film because it would be a crime for me to give it away here. Early on Café De Flore looks like it is going to be a serious film about music. But despite the fact it contains a beautiful soundtrack that is made of bands such as Sigur Ros, The Cure and Pink Floyd but director, Jean-Marc Vallee somehow manages to lose complete control of this film and it ends with an ending that you can tell will frustrate those who have stuck with the film. It really is a shame because the 1969 storyline in Café De Flore is terrific. Not many films have ever sown the relationship between a disabled son and a mother so well and this storyline alone would have made an absolutely terrific film. The modern storyline and the whole link seems to drag the film down badly.

Marin Gerrier has to be one of the most talented youngsters to ever grace the big screen. He is obviously handicapped in real life and he manages to standout in every scene he is in. Along with Vanessa Paradis’ performance he is one of the things that will make this film so memorable for me.

At times Café De Flore is a sensational movie but it is dangerously let my an ending that makes its audience stretch their imagination a little too far. That may be okay in the realm of sci-fi but not in drama. In the end Café De Flore becomes a hit and miss affair.