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:: Carmen Electra’s Naked Women’s Wrestling League Volume 2

Will the phenomenon of naked women wrestling start to sink? Hardly likely, judging by the response to Volume 1 and Volume 2 of this series in the USA. The show is hosted by Carmen Electra and the fresh appeal of these DVDs has not been over-hyped. People know where to go to get these thrills and it's been a big online winner.

Carmen is again joined by Megan Summers and Jimmy Hart lends his character to the thrills and spills of seeing ladies wrestle in the nude. The women's championship is on the line with the amazing Twin Peaks in combat aginst Wicca St.James for the title. There is a bonus match involving the Princess of Pain and the rare name of Spitney Beers.

This action-packed DVD will give you the usual laughs and titillation. Each of the contenders has her own set of special moves to punish the opposition and will entertain fans of the league. Spitney Beers has the face of the pop idol but she is as ferocious as a pitbull terrier. Twin Peaks has a fearsome reputation, having left Switzerland to seek out new wrestling opponents. The signals all point towards some great action.

DVD Extras

Grudge match between the Princess of Pain and Spitney Beers

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