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:: Carmen Electra’s Naked Women’s Wrestling League Volume 1

One is immediately alerted to the headline on the DVD cover – BUSH vs HUSSEIN. It sets up a tantalising prospect in this first volume of the titillating series of the Naked Women’s Wrestling League.

The series, hosted by celebrity model Carmen Electra, takes women’s wrestling to a different level with outrageous action and plenty of laughs. Megan Summers and wrestling manager Jimmy Hart joins Carmen in the series which, I believe, will be a big winner. The various feuds are expertly played on the mainstream market in its tantalising references and the wrestling market is a huge worldwide entity anyway, let alone seeing naked women crawling around a ring and belting each other in heated exchanges.

Harriet Bush v Layla Hussein is well positioned in attracting the eyes of the male public in particular. This “feud” is seen by hundreds at ringside and the “good” versus “evil” them is well played. Men will have a fascinating finish to look forward to. It’s quite an entertaining match.

As they say, it’s not Operation Desert Storm, but Operation Naked Storm.

The bonus match features the evil Cruella Bleeds who grapples the sexy and rhythmic Demonica Disco. This match features several naked body tossing and bouncing off ropes.

The whole notion of naked women’s wrestling is a good fit for Carmen Electra as she has enjoyed her flirtations with nudity in many magazine shoots and she obviously brings fun and spark to the series. We’ll see what future volumes bring.

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Bonus Match: Cruela Bleeds vs. Demonica Disco
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