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:: Caro Diario (Dear Diary)

This is another of those quirky films made by Italian director Nanni Moretti. It's very warm and idiosyncratic, a story in which Moretti plays himself and shows stages of his life.
He rides a vespa bike through Rome and goes to the cinema.
He and a friend travel around the islands off the Italian coast looking for a quiet place to write.
He has tests to discover the cause of a mysterious skin ailment.

These are the stories which encapsulate Moretti’s penchant for whimsical observations and wry humour. The film was the first international release for Moretti, back in 1994 and is typical of his self-effacing outlook on political and social culture, plus being bitingly funny.

It can be viewed as a statement of Italian culture and how it has transcended other cultures, particularly American.