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:: The Cat Returns

In a world of fantasy and magic, Hiroyuki Morita creates a film nothing short of an enchanting adventure. Set in Japan, The Cat Returns is an animated film full of characters beyond imagination. Haru, a Japanese schoolgirl who is not content with her life, unpredictably saves the life of what seems to be an ordinary cat. Little did she realise that it was in fact the Cat’s King’s son! A midnight visit to her home by all the cats from the Kingdom reveals her reward - gifts of all kinds, as well as a marriage proposal to the Prince cat! The tale unfolds as Haru boards an astonishing journey to the Kingdom of Cats. A world is entered where cats can walk, talk and fly; a world where they can dance, sing detonate buildings.

The Cat Returns is not just a story for children, but a film that can inspire and delight people of all ages. The issues of fate and the necessity to believe in oneself in life are conveyed throughout the film, causing any viewer to reflect on their own life. This simple lesson of appreciating one’s own everyday life is learned, and Hiroyuki Morita has the power to instill this. Although The Cat Returns is primarily a film filled with magic and adventure, twists and turns along the way, it has the potential to be viewed in a light that sheds lessons for us all - the beauty of the film is that you can choose.

DVD Extras

Featurette: The Making of The Cat Returns
Featurette: Behind The Microphone
Complete Storyboards
Theatrical Trailer