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:: Charlie & Boots

Two of Australia's great comedic talents join forces for a heartfelt film about family tragedies and ties that will make you laugh and cry – sometimes at the same time. Charlie & Boots is a decent portrayal of the way Australian men, particularly fathers and sons, relate to each other, but there is not much substance to the dynamic between Boots and his dad. While Shane Jacobson gives a good performance as Boots, Paul Hogan (Charlie McFarlane) is just simply too limited to lend any real credibility to the emotions on display. Charlie & Boots does nicely capture the spirit of an Australian road trip and it is a very picturesque film. However, the very idealist portrayal of regional middle Australia is tired as the heavy handed use of music where sad scenes are dominated by a mournful piano and funny scenes are accompanied by a banjo.

When Charlie withdraws from his life after a family tragedy, his estranged son, Boots, decides to drag his reluctant father on a trip to fulfil their lifelong ambition to fish off Australia's northern tip in Cape York. The feisty Charlie wants no part in this crazy idea, but propelled by Boots’ determination, they travel across the country towards their faraway destination. When joined by a young and upbeat hitchhiker, they are compelled to view their relationship in a new light. Old wounds are reopened and family secrets are revealed against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes and new perspectives.

There’s nothing to really dislike about Charlie & Boots but there’s not much to embrace either. The humour is inoffensive and mostly well meaning but it generates the occasional chuckle rather than laughter. A lack of strong script editing also means that every time the film wins you over, it undercuts itself with a dreary moment. The film is enjoyable on a very simple level.

DVD Extras

Audio Commentary with Paul Hogan, Shane Jacobson and Shana Levine (Producer)
60 Minutes story with Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson
Showtime Special (Interviews /Behind The Scenes/ Red Carpet Coverage)