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:: Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy is a unique love story about Holden (Ben Affleck), who, along with his co-writer Banky (Jason Lee), is on the verge of stardom with a critically acclaimed comic book, "Bluntman and Chronic”. At a comic convention, he meets Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams), and it's love at first sight for him. Holden becomes very attracted to Alyssa, and thinks he might have finally found his dream woman, when suddenly the bomb drops and he discovers Alyssa is a lesbian.

At first he feels embarrassed and ashamed, but then finds that he can have plenty of fun just being friends with a girl without being intimate. At least at first. However, soon enough Holden is trying to find a way to express to Alyssa his true love for her, hoping for the positive outcome he so desperately craves.

Can he persuade Alyssa to set her lesbian lifestyle aside and go heterosexual? Can a gay black man (Dwight Ewell) succeed in the comics industry without using extreme violence and racism? Will Holden find true love, or will he just end up, as Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) puts it, "chasing
Amy" (such is the title)?

Chasing Amy is brutally honest in its portrayal of modern differences in sexuality and the insecurity that too many guys feel in committing to relationships, even if it’s with the perfect woman. This is Kevin Smith’s most appraised film and, while its ending may at first be one that the viewer dislikes for being too realistic, most people will grow to love it for its irony and extreme link to reality.

There are some wonderful moments in “Chasing Amy”, both from the performances by Adams, Affleck and Jason Lee, as well as the dialogue from Smith, which is both very funny and very honest. It probably remains Kevin Smith’s best work to date, for its great writing and acting. Despite the audio and video quality being slightly disappointing, “Chasing Amy” is a terrific film and the commentary is excellent.

DVD Extras

  • Audio commentary from Kevin Smith
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Introduction by Kevin Smith, Cast and Crew