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:: Cinderella - Special Edition

Disney's classic rags-to-riches fairytale gets a huge makeover on this Special Edition DVD. In 1950 the story of a hard-up girl who “dared to dream” revived the fortunes of Walt Disney after the hardships of World War 2. Disney's Cinderella is arguably the best loved adaptation of Charles Perrault's 17th-century fable in which a mistreated stepdaughter wins the heart of a prince. It still stands as a testament to the magic and wonder of traditional animation over computer generated imagery.

Disney's adaptation of the beloved fairy tale became a classic in its own right, thanks to some memorable tunes (including “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” and the title song) and some endearingly cute comic relief. There are a few striking sequences of pure animation - for example, Cinderella is reflected in bubbles drifting through the air - and the design is rich and evocative throughout. It's a much simpler and more graceful work than the more frenetically paced animated films of today, which makes it simultaneously quaint and highly gratifying.

There is a disc packed with extras, including deleted scenes, lots of music, documentaries, galleries and more. One thing of note, that will please film buffs, is a reel of Laugh-O-Grams from 1922 representing Walt's earliest telling of the Cinderella story. Younger viewers can enjoy interactive tips on how to be a princess in the Games & Activities section. In fact, this Special Edition DVD would be a wish come true for any little girl.

The creators of this DVD went overboard with all of the extras that they included. I suppose they thought that they had to pull out all the stops in a great big package. As a result, I think we have one of those releases that is going to break new ground as far as the DVD medium is concerned. This release is packed with extras and the thing is is that most of them really are relevant and provide something for everybody.

It is a timeless story that is just as good and relevant now as it was many years ago when it was created. Disney has made something that will be around forever and that has got to make everyone who was a part of its creation feel special.

DVD Extras

Disc 2 contains many extras:

Deleted Scenes
Music and more
Radio Programs
Games and activities
Backstage Disney
From Rags To Riches: The Making of Cinderella:
A Perfect Fit: The Voices of Cinderella
The Cinderella That Almost Was
From Walt's Table: A Tribute To Disney's Nine Old Men
The Art of Mary Blair
Storyboard To Film Comparison - Opening Sequence
Cinderella Galleries (with Slide Show Option)
Visual Development
Mary Blair Art
Character Design
Costume Design
Storyboard Art
Layout And Backgrounds
Live Action Reference
Production Photos
1922 Cinderella Laugh-O-grams: Cinderella
Excerpt From “The Mickey Mouse Club” With Helene Stanley (Original Air Date: January 24, 1956)
Theatrical Trailers