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:: City Of The Living Dead

Lucio Fulci is the Italian director of this film. City of the Living Dead is a gory film that is designed to shock a multitude of fans and many people's stomachs. In its day, the film apparently caused quite a stir. Now, it’s all in its original form, to be viewed on DVD/VHS formats. The Italians churned out some pretty good horror films in their time. Lucio Fulci was one of the leaders in this genre and he achieved global success.

He excelled at depicting gore and violence. He also had the knack of taking a small budget and creating a beautifully shot film that was stylish and he also used more than just gore and frights to create terror. For instance, City of the Living Dead showed a priest committing sacrilege by hanging himself, a swarm of Maggots attack the would-be heroes of the story, and the always chilling lonely scene in a mortuary are used to convey terror and fright.

The film does possess some genuinely disgusting and stomach unsettling scenes. If you are looking for a film that features a plethora of gore and magical zombies that can warp around and influence the living to die just by an icy stare, then you will not want to miss City of the Living Dead. The film may not be as serious as countless other zombie pictures, but the level and intensity of the gore helps cover the shortcomings. This is a film that was meant to be disturbing and hard to swallow.

City Of The Living Dead contains an abundance of inadvertently comical camera zoom-ins to the actor's eyes, which became standard in the following Lucio Fulci's films. Fulci credits the film's ending to editor Vincenzo Tomassi, whom created the scene after the original footage was accidentally destroyed. If you enjoy gore, it will be a difficult task to not find something in City of the Living Dead that will entertain you.

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