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:: Cold Souls

Cold Souls is a surrealist comedy, set in the future where we meet actor Paul Giamatti, playing a more angst- ridden version of himself. Plagued by his anxiety over performing in Chekov’s Uncle Vanya, Giamatti feels like his creativity is being stifled and his talent, needed to pull of the role, is slipping from his grasp. His agent refers him to an article in The New Yorker, advertising a new service called “Soul Storage”, where those whose heavy souls are weighing them down can have them extracted and stored away.

Convinced that removing the soul will offer him some respite and remove his creative block, Giamatti proceeds with the procedure. He feels briefly better, (despite his disappointment that his soul closely resembles a chickpea), however he quickly turns into a fool, heavily lacking in the depth required to pull off his role in the play. Demanding that his soul be returned to him, Giamatti finds out it has been sold on a soul black market to a Russian soap opera actress, wishing to inject herself with more talent. This leads to Giamatti searching, literally and philosophically, for the value of his soul.

Cold Souls is very Kaufman-esque in its philosophical questions and in the existence and acceptance of a ludicrous situation by the key players of the film. Newcomer Sophie Barthes has done a good job of executing this sci-fi idea in a realistic, darkly funny way. This movie is definitely worth a look, especially for the Paul Giamatti’s brilliant acting – that is one thing that definitely has soul.

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