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:: Creature Comforts - Series 2 Part 2

Creature Comforts is a very funny claymation series about the lives of animals as told by the animals themselves. Unscripted and unashamedly funny, the British public once again speaks through the mouths of their plasticine counterparts. We again witness the animated characters such as old favourites Fluffy the Hamster and Trixie and Captain Cuddlepuss the Dog and Cat.

These continue the works of Aardman Animations, home studios of Nick Park, creator of Chicken Run. It's very ingenious how creator Park pairs the human voices with animals who appear to be talking about their own situations. It comes across as charming and well executed as the accents are well paired with the animals.

There are six episodes that feature some new characters.

Monarchy Business
Animal Magnetism
Bed Time
Self Image
Safari Park

DVD Extras

English subtitles
‘Who Said That?’ Game
Play By Character
Animated Conversations
Kid's Corner featuring Colouring Sheets and Downloadable Wallpapers