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:: Crude: The Incredible Journey Of Oil

In a year where environmental issues have taken a stranglehold on governments and political will, the documentary Crude: The Incredible Journey Of Oil takes us through time from the dinosaur-inhabited past, to its ascendancy as an indispensable aspect of modern day life. From the food on our tables to the petrol in our cars, crude oil seeps invisibly into almost every part of our modern lives. The ninety-minutes documentary helps us make sense of the oil-driven world we live in. It relates between geology and the economy; between the past, the present and the future.

Filmed on location in eleven countries across five continents, the programme's award-winning Australian filmmaker Dr Richard Smith consults the leading international scientific experts bring the viewer the big picture on oil. Dr Smith does a pretty good job with the information and confronting nature in telling future generations of what might be in store for them. The gratifying thing is that Dr Smith doesn't paint the bleakest picture. It's a more balanced view covering the best and worst case scenarios.

Seeing the history of the oil industry and of how oil reserves came to be is an eye-opening experience from a man who put effort and time into this documentary. It is recommended viewing.