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:: Cry Wolf

Avoid Suspicion. Manipulate Your Friends. Eliminate Your Enemies. These are the rules of the game concocted by a group of students at preppy Westlake High after a young woman is found murdered in the woods nearby. The aim of the game? To further scare the already nervous student body into thinking that the murderer - “the wolf” – is living among them on campus. Which is not too hard to do when students actually begin turning up dead.

This is classic Wes Craven-style horror: the pervasive eeriness, the cat-and-mouse murder scenes, the predictable twists. Yet the characters are annoyingly, often laughably, exaggerated - not a good quality in an apparently serious horror film. Owen (Julian Morris) has a naivety that borders on outright stupidity and Dodger’s (Lindy Booth) attempts at vampy sexiness are just, well, vampy. Jon Bon Jovi’s appearance of Rich Walker adds interest, but isn’t enough to salvage this film from the forgettable pile.

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