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:: Dan In Real Life

You would know Steve Carell from ‘The Office’ TV show and in the Get Smart movie this year. Here, he shows off a more serious side (this is a comedy, but there's also a deal of drama) in “Dan In Real Life”, which focuses on a love triangle involving two brothers.

Steve Carell plays a widowed father of three girls aged 9, 14, and 17. When the family decides to leave home for the weekend and spend it with extended family at a reunion, things begin to get a bit silly. While in town buying groceries, Dan meets an attractive woman he suddenly falls for (Juliett Binoche). Later on it is revealed that she is none other than his brother Mitch’s (played by Dane Cook) girlfriend. The rest of the film explores Dan and Marie’s interest in each other with sweet results.

There are probably too many cliched characters and wasted ideas for “Dan In Real Life” to fly high as a totally enjoyable viewing experience. Director Peter Hedges seems so intent on tying up every loose end there's little room for Carell's brand of awkward spontaneity to come out.

The film does have a level of originality to it that is worth recommending to fans of the “sweet as pie” genre. It doesn’t try to be a smart comedy but it is obvious it is trying to be a “chick flick” which is cute for what it is.

DVD Extras

Commentary by Writer/Director Peter Hedges
“Making Of” featurette
Deleted scenes