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:: Danny Bhoy - Live At The Sydney Opera House

Danny Bhoy is a Scottish comedian who has endeared himself to Australian audiences through various comedy festivals around Australia over the past few years. He has a relaxed look and style and this DVD is a souvenir of his show at Sydney's Opera House as he ended a huge 84-date tour in major cities.

Bhoy definitely knows how to amuse and he is not too political. You wouldn't really consider him too topical and controversial either but he has a very good conversational style that marks the true stand up as opposed to someone who comes on and tries too hard to joke on current political and social issues without succeeding.

Nationalities come under his scrutiny, as he tells jokes about Australians, before turning his attention to the Italians, French, Germans, English and, of course, the Scots. He is equally adept at knocking himself and his wit is charming. He is pretty funny for most of the presentation. The show runs for around seventy minutes and Bhoy does well to keep up the laughs.

There are good extra features on the DVD, including backstage footage and some performances by Bhoy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festivals in 2003 and 2004, highlights of the Sydney Cracker Festival in 2006, a recent performance on Sideshow with Paul McDermott, a photo gallery and various trailers.

DVD Extras

TV Performances
- Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003
- Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala 2004
- Sydney Cracker Festival 2006
- Sideshow 2007
Backstage Footage.
Bonus Footage
Photo Gallery

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