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:: Deadly Weapons

This is bad filmmaking. The only redemption this film could ever ask for is that it's so bad as to be hysterically funny. It probably ranks amongst the worst films I've ever laid my eyes on. Everything about it serves that distinction.

Chesty Morgan plays the successful advertising executive. Success doesn't mean she has good taste, judging by the outfits she wears. Morgan is despondent for a few minutes, consoles with her father about it, and then decides to become a stripper to infiltrate the gang. Her task is to avenge the death of her boyfriend by smothering everyone with her gigantic, 73-inch bust line. When all is said and done, in a horrifying twist ending, she finds that revenge is a very expensive dish… and sometimes both family and personal health are the cost.

The direction is very average and the movie, as a whole, looks a mess… and so is Morgan. There is one scene when we get a close shot of her teeth… and they're black with decay. She's wearing a wig, that's covering up what looks like grey hair - at least that's what's poking out from underneath. Be warned - the only way you can have a good time watching it, is by laughing at yourself for watching it.

The transfer on this DVD is okay for a Something Weird title. You can't expect too much anyway. The full frame image looks better than most people have seen this film looking previously. There are a few extras. These include trailers for Morgan films, a gallery of Wishman ads and poster art, and an educational film on enlarging your breasts in the 1950's. Americana at it's best and brightest.

DVD Extras

Digitally remastered
Original Theatrical Trailers for Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73
Bonus Archival Short Subject: Breast Development Fifties Style
Gallery of Doris Wishman Exploitation Art