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:: Dead Man - 10th anniversary edition

Dead Man is a surreal adventure that subverts the Western movie tradition into a cricitism of America's colonial past. Johnny Depp plays William Blake, a timid young accountant who has travelled from the city to outback America to work. The rough town he arrives at is less than welcoming and soon he's wanted for a double murder with a bullet imbedded in his chest. He is adopted by Nobody, a native American who believes Blake is the reincarnation of the poet of the same name. Because of his bullet-wound, Nobody believes Blake is truly dead.

Johnny Depp is delightful as the stiff gentleman. His performance in Dead Man initially is akin to the uptight character he plays in Sleepy Hollow. He develops quickly, however, into a killer on the run. The film takes on a dream-like quality as Blake is exhausted by lack of blood and his bizarre new life. In true Jim Jarmusch style this film has plenty of clever moments that will make you smile. It's also devastatingly stylish, and offers a serious criticism to the historical treatment of native Americans.

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