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:: Death At A Funeral

Struggling writer Daniel (Matthew MacFadyen) has been given the task of organising a funeral for his well-to-do father, as well as dealing with a grieving mother (Jane Asher). To his constant aggravation, Daniel's successful author brother Robert (Rupert Graves) gets the star treatment from everyone, while assorted other colourful friends and relatives arrive and eventually wreak havoc, as things go from bad (the wrong coffin arrives) to much worse (blackmail and drugs).

These sort of absurdities often run the risk of going terribly wrong if not handled properly, but director Frank Oz benefits from a solid cast that sells the material well. He allows a large ensemble cast to take turns in the limelight, balancing a few interwoven storylines as we witness the increasingly askew proceedings at what should have been a properly sombre funeral at a somewhat posh country home.

Death at a Funeral is a classic farce that is well directed. The script may not appeal to all but the good cast make the story work effectively

DVD Extras

Audio commentary with director Frank Oz
Audio commentary with writer Dean Craig and actors Alan Tudyk, Andy Nyman
Outtakes reel