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:: Degrassi High: School's Out

Fans that remember the 80’s television show Degrassi High will be taken on a surprising walk down memory lane, with the release of the television movie ‘Degrassi High – Schools Out.’

In its day ‘Degrassi High’ was ‘break-through teenage viewing’, tackling HIV Aids, teenage pregnancy, drugs and eating disorders to name just a few of the issues, which the show dealt with. ‘School’s Out’ seems a little tame in its approach today, but characters such as Joey Jeremiah, Snake, Wheels and Caitlin bring a familiar and welcome element to this ‘coming of age’ film.

The Degrassi High gang have just graduated and are facing some important decisions about what to do with their life. Joey seems to have made up his mind at the beginning of the film when he proposes to Caitlin, but his life is quickly turned around when she refuses his offer. He succumbs to the younger and experienced Tamara and has a summer romance with her, while still seeing Caitlin. The unknowing Caitlin can’t decide whether to go away to college or stay with her long time boyfriend Joey. Snake has a new job as a lifeguard and is trying desperately to get laid. Wheels is obsessed with getting his car on the road, but is struggling with some alcohol issues.

‘School’s Out’ is jam packed with issues of teenage sex, teenage pregnancy, abortions, drink driving, young marriage, monogamy and virginity. The story line is a little over the top and for fans who were hoping for a happy reunion, are unfortunately left to deal with a tangled mess of lies and a crowded story line.

That said, such is life and ‘School’s out’ does not pack any punches in telling the story of these young people after school is over and there are no more classrooms or teachers to hide behind. The message is a strong one; to think about the decisions one makes and learn from mistakes.

Although ‘School’s Out’ perhaps does not have the stamina to travel through time, it is a clever and dramatic film, for its day age, which fans and teenagers should enjoy.