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:: Diary Of The Dead

The master of zombie films, George A. Romero returns with what can only be described as one of the best horror films of the year. Romero has the guts to take on ‘The Blair Witch Project’ at it’s own game and beat it comprehensively.

The film follows a group of film students, led by Jason Creed (Joshua Close), who are forced to abandon their horror film shoot when the world is suddenly hit by a zombie epidemic. Despite the horrors at hand, and to the disgust of some of his traveling companions, Jason decides he needs to take on the role of a ‘war journalist’ and capture every gruesome moment on camera as they flee for their lives.

Romero needs to be congratulated for breaking free from the standard B-Grade zombie flick and making this a film with a conscience. There is an age old debate whether a war journalist should capture the horrors of war or put the camera down and help people and it is brilliantly explored in ‘Diary Of The Dead’.

The film’s script is brilliant, never bores the audience and despite the deep subplot bubbling away never really becomes preachy. Romero has done a good job all round because even the fact that the cast are a group of unknowns enhances the film as you really do believe that this could be group of students running for their lives. The only time the script does fall flat is when you compare it to the other great zombie film of this year, ‘Quarantine’. ‘Diary Of The Dead’ lacks the suspense of ‘Quarantine’, there are very few times when you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation, and there certainly aren’t many ‘jump through the roof’ moments when you are taken completely by surprise.

Great storyline, brilliantly shot and…. zombies. What else could you ask for?

DVD Extras

  • “Master of the Dead” - interview with George A. Romero with foreword by producers
  • “Speak of the Dead” - George A. Romero looks back on his career and his influences
  • “Into The Camera” - meet the cast in the film
  • “You Look Dead!” - a documentary on the make-up FX
  • “A New Spin on Death” - a look into the visual FX of the film
  • “A World Gone Mad” - delve into the cinematography and design of the film
  • “Character Confessionals” - never-before-seen footage from the characters in the film
  • “Familiar Voices” - discover the famous voices that were used in the background of the film
  • “The Roots” - interview with George A. Romero
  • “The First Week” - a filmmaker takes us through the first week of Diary production
  • Original Trailer
  • Stills Gallery