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:: Dimboola - 2 Disc Collector's Edition

Set in a small country town of Dimboola, in Victoria, locals prepare for the weedding of Morrie (Bruce Spence) and Maureen (Natalie Bate). Morrie has yet to experience the shearing shed bucks party – an evening that promises plenty of booze, obscenities, fist fights and a stripper, Angelique. The film is directed by well known filmmaker John Duigan (from ‘The Year My Voice Broke’).

Contrary to the famous Marriage Italian Style, this is Marriage Australian Style, in its very unique, country-spirited way. Watch for the humorous appearance by legendary Australian country music singer Chad Morgan as the Shiek of Scrubby Creek.

The film was made in 1979 and this package comes with several extra features, including documentaries and the feature-length film of the original 1973 stage production of the Jack Hibberd play directed by David Williamson.

DVD Extras

Audio commentary with playwright and screenwriter Jack Hibberd, associate producer John Timlin and cast member Bill Garner

DIMBOOLA – THE STAGE PLAY – a feature length film of the original stage play directed by David Williamson in 1973

PRAM FACTORY – a 1994 documentary on the Australian Performing Group, includes interviews with playwrights David Williamson, Jack Hibberd and John Romeril, film director John Duigan and actors Graeme Blundell, Max Gillies and Bruce Spence

Original Theatrical Trailer

Umbrella Trailers