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:: Double Agent 73

These are some of the most ordinary images ever put to film. Chesty Morgan is huge in more ways than one. Morgan was a Polish immigrant by way of Israel. When she got to America, she started dancing in burlesque shows. That eventually lead to her appearing in these two films. Here, you can witness Morgan in all of her wobbly glory!

Chesty is a private eye, who bitches out her boss for calling her away from vacationing at a nudist colony, where she's been sunning herself in pantyhose and a bra. Who does that? Her assignment: find a guy named Toplar, who's peddling bad heroin with the help of Communist Germans. Toplar has been heretofore unable to be identified, so Morgan's job is to photograph members of his syndicate after she kills them. To be fully “spy” equipped, she will do this with a high tech camera implanted in her left breast, which she has to lug out each time she meets someone. Ugh! Through a series of gratuitous zooms, unnecessary close-ups of shoes and horrid set design, Morgan uncovers the identity of Toplar… only to find that that the old adage is true: "He who has loved and lost is better than he who has loved and shot her lover in the face with a semi-automatic pistol.

The Something Weird/Image marriage is quite unique and may need revisiting. Double Agent 73 is pretty bad filmmaking and worth watching just to see how bad it is.