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:: 2000 Maniacs

Two Thousand Maniacs was probably the high point of Herschell Gordon Lewis' film career. His second step into the horror genre cost nearly three times that of "Blood Feast”, which we have reviewed recently. It’s quite a watchable film, with increased production values allowing a coherent storyline and comes across as something that those, who feast themselves on gore and horror, would appreciate even more.

Perhaps it’s even tame when compared to modern horror films. It can still keep the viewer entertained by the enthusiastic good humour of the principle townspeople, as they slaughtered their visitors. The endearing twist ending is often overlooked by genre fans in their hurry to describe the crazy gore scenes. The film's closing ghost town images, and revelations that the killers are haunting America because of a Civil War atrocity in which they were the actual victims, and not descendants of the survivors, adds a noteworthy hair-raising frisson to all the “humour” that's gone before.

The DVD has full-screen presentation, star and director filmographies, a stills and artwork gallery, isolated music score, two trailers, and a Dolby digital soundtrack.

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