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:: 88 Minutes

Al Pacino stars in a thriller about a forensic psychologist who receives a phone call threatening that he has only 88 minutes to live. As the clock ticks away, tension mounts, suspicions rise and blood flows. With a serial killer he helped convict awaiting execution and a copycat killer on the loose, Jack Gramm has 88 minutes to solve the biggest murder of his career: his own.

88 Minutes is a little disappointing and relies almost solely on Al Pacino's talent and charisma to prop it up. The gimmick of the film is that from the moment the threat is made, everything happens in real-time and the film lasts for another… 88 minutes. The background to the threat is that Jack Gramm was involved in the prosecution of a serial killer. Said killer is convicted, but while he is appealing the conviction more murders occur and someone starts threatening Pacino. The killer claims he's innocent (as they all do) and blames Gramm's testimony at his trial as key person who got him convicted.

The beginning of the film follows the murder of a young woman. She is a twin living with her sister, and the killer creeps into their apartment and hangs them both upside down and cuts them up and such. I suppose we need to assume murderers have amazing skill when it comes to creating some kind of pulley system.

There is a fair amount of action and suspense as Jack Gramm tries to figure out what‘s really going on. The problem is when you find out who's doing it, you'll probably say “Huh?”. The filmmakers didn't set up the potential suspects too well. But, it's an okay film within the 'serial killer on the loose’ genre.

Surprising that there are no extra features whatsoever. 88 Minutes is a watchable thriller with a somewhat disappointing climax, although one could say that satisfying endings are rare these days.

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