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:: Eurotrip Uncut

This film focuses on Scotty (Scott Mechlowicz), an American teenager who's just been dumped by his girlfriend after graduation. Afterwards, he gets an email from Mieke, his German pen pal. Scotty and Cooper (Jacob Pitts) head off to Europe as couriers in order to get a cheap flight, heading to the first available stop (London) instead of the desired destination of Berlin. During their journey to find Mieke, the two meet up with Jamie (Travis Wester) and Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg); twins who seem to completely lack any intuition about what the other is thinking.

The film isn't so much plot-driven as made up of smaller sketches. The four are hit on by a strange man on a Eurorail train. One has a surprise visit with dominatrix (played by Lucy Lawless), drinks are shared with soccer hooligans (including one played by Vinnie Jones), and they set the pope's hat on fire. Things get momentarily worse when they all lose their passports and belongings and end up far away from Berlin.

The film was written by the team of Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schafer, who have been very funny in the past (all wrote for “Seinfeld”, Mandel had a stint with the animated “Clerks” TV series and “Saturday Night Live”), although they did collaborate on one ordinary film (“Cat in the Hat”). The film isn't consistently funny, but there are great lines of dialogue scattered throughout. Could it have been funnier with a different cast? None of the main four seems to have particularly strong comedic timing, although they all provide satisfactory performances.

Overall, “Eurotrip” is entertaining and had some very funny moments. There is a little more nudity and swearing in the DVD version.

The main extra is two commentary tracks from writer/director Jeff Schafer and writers Alec Berg and Dave Mandel. One is a regular commentary, the other is a “party along” commentary, where the three play a drinking game based upon swears and nudity. Both commentaries are fairly good, containing a pretty reasonable amount of information on working with the actors, the writing process, working in Prague and casting local actors.

The expanded gag reel is a nice follow up to the end credits, whilst the deleted scenes and alternative ending build on the fun of the movie. There are a few short making-of featurettes, all made with the same tongue-in-cheek humour of the movie itself, including one concentrating on the nude beach scene.

An interesting feature is the inclusion of a bootleg copy the writers grabbed in Chinatown in New York City about three months before the proper DVD made it to the public.

Karaoke fans are catered for with the version of “Scotty Doesn’t Know”, complete with bouncing ball over the lyrics!

DVD Extras

 Commentary
 Gag Reel
 13 Deleted Scenes
 Alternate Ending
 Nude Beach Exposed featurette
 How to Pick a Director featurette
 Eurotrip bootleg
 “Scotty Doesn't Know” Sing-a-Long
 “Scotty Doesn't Know” video
 Photo Gallery