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:: Felicity

Glory Annen stars as Felicity Robinson, a sheltered teen who surrenders her blossoming body to a world of bold sexual adventure. From her forbidden pleasures at an all-girl school in the countryside to wanton hungers in the exotic underground of Hong Kong, the budding Felicity finds herself delighted by her deflowering and obviously excited in the sheer ecstasy of encountering the sexual pleasure.

Glory Annen is sweet, innocent, sexy, and utterly appealing in every way, shape and form. And she's a fine actress. She's the girlfriend you always wish you had. The problem is that the movie isn't explicit enough. But you'll fall in love and lust with Glory Annen after seeing Felicity.

The movie is so free and so 70's. It's the swinging Seventies! This softcore sex romp borrows heavily from Emmanuelle but still has plenty to offer in other areas. Fans of the genre are likely to enjoy Felicity because it takes a lighthearted, romantic approach to erotica that makes it fun to watch even when it is marking time between sex scenes.

However, the best thing about Felicity is the thorough approach it takes in delivering the goods; the filmmakers wisely set the action in Hong Kong to give the film an exotic flair, and director John Lamond gives the film a glossy look that does an effective job of expressing its overheated mood in visual terms. Felicity is an entertaining trip back to the heyday of the sexual revolution.

DVD Extras

Audio commentary with director John D. Lamond and star Glory Annen
Brand new 16:9 transfer
"Confessions Of An R-Rated Movie Maker - an interview with Director John D. Lamond
Stills and poster gallery
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