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:: Fight Night - Boxing's Best Part 1

This is a very special DVD for fight fans as it covers the careers of three legendary heavyweight fighters of the 20th century – Rocky Marciano, Jack Dempsey, and Joe Louis.

Rocky Marciano goes down in history as one of the true greats, in that he remained the only undefeated World Heavyweight Champion in a career spanning 49 consecutive wins. We see the early days of Rocky’s life in Brockton, Massachusetts, and some family members speak fondly of their great champ.

There are the various fights as Rocky grew to be a contender and then the champion in the post-World War II period. Shown are his fights against Lee Savold, Henry ‘Kid’ Matthews and his championship win over Jersey Joe Walcott. The rematch is shown, then fights with Roland La Staza and Ezzard Charles (twice), before fighting an old Archie Moore, who was the Light-Heavyweight champion. Sadly Rocky Marciano’s life ended in a tragic plane crash in 1969. There is also an interview with Rocky’s mother.

Jack Dempsey was the World Heavyweight champ after World War I. Known as the “Manassa Mauler”, he was probably the first great superstar of the ring. He is shown fighting Jess Willard to win the World title in 1919 and is best remembered for the controversial “long count” when he faced Gene Tunney. Dempsey knocked down Tunney but the referee wasted about six seconds before starting the count. The count stopped at nine, meaning that Dempsey would have won under normal circumstances. It occurred that Tunney got up and eventually won the fight. Dempsey lost the rematch and it ended his star stature until a silly return to the ring in 1940. However, when focusing on the early days, Dempsey’s standing as a great was justified.

“The Brown Bomber” Joe Louis is considered by some to be the greatest Heavyweight ever. He was World champ just prior to World War II and held it until 1949. Louis was born in Alabama before moving to Detroit. The DVD shows his fights with Max Baer, Max Schmeling (who beat Louis in a big upset), and Jack Sharkey. Louis then knocked out Jim Braddock to win the World title in 1937 and went on to become a boxing legend.

This is an excellent DVD that reminds boxing fans of the greatness of these three heavyweight champs. It is well documented and narrated and a great collection.