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:: Filth

James McAvoy leads this UK crime comedy as a cop trying to make his way to the top of the promotions board in order to win back his wife and daughter. He’s also a dirty, drug-abusing, manipulative, alcoholic pervert. Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh and co-stars Imogen Poots, Jamie Bell and Eddie Marsan.

When a Japanese tourist is brutally beaten to death by a group of young thugs, Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson takes the case in an attempt to grease his boss’s gears and nail the promotion (as well as the wives of his fellow officers). Using the dirtiest of tactics, Bruce reckons he knows how to play the game. But his constant hallucinations and introspective psychotherapy bring to light a worrying connection between the crime and his former family.

Filth is a downright dirty, dark, twisted, but overly entertaining film. Filth dips into the surreal, humorous, disgusting and even tragic to detail the turbulent life of this ruthless copper as he goes to every extreme to get the promotion and win back his estranged wife and daughter in the process. With a stellar British cast, Filth is a unique film that's sure to keep you entertained.